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Sapaly Express Train is a luxury and modern train service on Ha Noi – Lao Cai route and vice versa. This train could certainly provide passengers with excellent train service as you are in the three-star hotel’s room on land. The facility on train is a combination between the equipment of the four-star standard and professional service to provide to all passengers the best satisfaction in your journey. 

Sapaly train offers the best train trip experience with two types of cabins: the Deluxe 4 berth cabins and the VIP 2 berth cabins. The Deluxe 4 Berths Cabin is pretty suitable for family or a groups of more than two people because of its extensive space and cozy ambience. The VIP 2 Berths Cabin is the best choice for couples, singles, or those who want to enjoy a private space and the luxury. The VIP 2 Berth cabins are private cabins so the price is for the entire cabin.


Sapaly Express Train is decorated with modern furniture and luxurious European standards. There are two cabin types including Deluxe 4 Berths Cabin and VIP 2 Berths Cabin. Deluxe 4 Berths Cabin is suitable for a group or family. Meanwhile, VIP 2 Berths Cabin is specially reserved for single person or a couple who want to desire a private space.


Each wood-paneled cabin are natural, decorated with wood floors, graceful curtains, warm lighting, luggage space, flowers, bed and soft white bring to passenger a comfortable feeling and a deep sleep. On the other hand, the journey from Hanoi to Lao Cai is no longer a bad feeling, all staff of Sapaly Express Train are always to provide the best care to passengers so that you will be more enjoyable with a wonderful experience on train.



  • Sapaly Express Train has a suitable schedule time that is late departure and late arrival so that passengers do not feel with a long journey
  • Berths with clean and comfortable bed, blankets and pillows following to 3-star standard so that you will have a deep and wonderful sleep on train
  • Passengers can get free stuff such as: 01 bottle of mineral water, 01 toothpaste, 01 toothbrush, 01 cup of water, 01 hair comb and a pair of slippers



  • There is no wifi on this train. However, even if it is available, when the train is running, the wifi will be unstable


Special Note

  • Free having shower in our office
  • Free transfer from our office in Hanoi to the train station (one way)
  • VIP cabin/ cabin 2 berth must be bought in whole. Single person who travels on VIP cabin must buy both tickets.
  • Free transfer from our office in Hanoi to the train station (one way)
  • Free transfer from Laocai to Sapa by shuttle bus or minivan
  • Free of charge for children under 5 year old sharing parent‘s existing berths
  • Ticket price does not include meals on the train but include snack and drinks
  • The charge of ticket price in holiday season is 30%
  • The restroom is not in cabin and only open when the train run


1. From Hanoi to Lao Cai


SP3: Hanoi to Lao Cai ( 22:00 pm - 05:55 am )


Ticket exchange location: Sapaly ticket counter at exit 6 of Tran Quy Cap station ( behind Hanoi station ) 
Drop off point: Lao Cai station
Departure time: 22:00 pm
Arrival time: 05:55 am ( scheduled )


2. From Lao Cai to Hanoi


SP4: Lao Cai - Hanoi ( 21:30 pm - 05:25 am )


Ticket exchange location: No. 337 Lao Cai Station Square ( Hai Nhi Restaurant next to Lao Cai Station ) 
Drop off location: Tran Quy Cap Station
Departure time: 21:30 pm
Arrival time: 05:25 am ( scheduled )




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